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Here are a few facts,
of interest, about me.

I was born in 1935, in New York City, and I became an artist at the age of seven, when my Mother, Lillian, gave me a set of paints.

My environment as a child was exciting as I was one of 11 children, growing up. My Father, who had a moving & trucking business, was also a good photographer. It seems incredible that same wonderful medium awaited me!

I am a lover of art ! I like it all!

During the years of 1961 to 1975, I took an art break to marry and have 3 children. I resumed my Painting in 1975.

From 1990 to the present, my 2nd wife, Toby Klayman, has shared invaluable information on art tools, materials and supplies & techniques. I did attend several of her Figure Painting Classes at City College of San Francisco, during that period, as well as her Seminar, "Managing the Career of an Individual Artist".

I began my exhibiting, at that time!

  • In 1993, I was in my first group exhibition of Photographs.
  • In 1995, I began exhibiting my original Pastels and Paintings ...
  • In 1996, I had my first open studio exhibition in San Francisco.


My subjects reflect my many travels to Greece, France, Scotland, England, Ireland, and also range from individual portraits to community based group scenes which have drawn upon my Blackfoot Indian and African American heritages to shape my unique Multicultural perspective.
My work appears in collections across the United States and throughout Europe.

My work may be found in various publications.

One of my favorite bodies of work is a series of portraits I did in 1995 and 1996. Cune Press, Seattle, Wa. commissioned me to do some black and white paintings for a poetry anthology they were publishing. I painted 8 portraits from the photographs sent to me. Several of these portraits can be found in the book called "An Ear To The Ground" (edited by Scott C. Davis, Cune Press, Seattle, WA.). You will also find most of this series included in my web site.

Portraits of Arthur Quinn, John Milton Wesley, James E. Hall, John Stenzel, Kenneth Carroll, Mari Lynch Dehmler, Anna Geyer and of Sharon Streeter.

In 1996, I did a Lecture/Presentation, together with Toby Klayman, (as a guest of Ruth Asawa) at the School of the Arts, San Francisco, California, and at San Francisco State College, San Francisco, California, on Artists' Survival Issues.

In 1996, I co-published The Artists' Survival Manual (Klayman w Steinberg), Desktop Edition, San Francisco, California, together with Toby Klayman, the Author.

Since 1999, there have been constant exhibits of my Photography, Prints and Paintings in the Crete, Greece area.

In 2002, there was an interesting writeup about me and my Wife in the March 27 edition of the Apopsi Newspaper, Moires, Crete, Greece, by the writer, Soula Vilanaki.

In 2002, the Summer Edition, the Filoxenia at Capsis, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Page 27, also gave my Wife and myself an unusual writeup.
This is a wonderful magazine published by the Capsis Hotels in Greece.

Let me know if you'd like to see translations of these two above articles or a complete copy of my resume. I'll be glad to send them to you!

Many thanks to my beloved wife, Toby Judith Klayman (Figure #1) for her love and support and for inspiring me!

By the way, the hat I have on in Figure #3, is my new Olney Hat from our Scotland Journey in 2003!