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August 2014

Hello all you wonderful People!

My Print prices are all currently $125 each plus tax. This includes my App Prints which I offer in two sizes:  8 1/2 x 11 inches and 13 x 19 inches!  It's been a marvelous year, so far.

You can see my Art also on Facebook at branchcombstudio and on Pinterest at Joe Branchcomb.

July 2013

Steve Sisler has honored us by producing a Video in our Studios. You can access it with the link: Creative Bernal Neighbor Video

March 2012

The Apple Store has served me well and my iMovie skills are blossoming! My new iPad and iPhone are allowing me to show even more versatility and excitement in my Photography offerings! How I love my new equipment! A visit to see my San Francisco Studio Work can easily be arranged and I hope to hear from you, soon!

Progressive Grounds:

Exhibit went very well


Thank you to my new Collectors!!


I certainly enjoyed doing those lectures about Black History at the Paul Revere School, during Black History Month!

Welcome home from Kos, Paul and Irini!!

September, 2006, San Francisco.

Since I am inputting my text, you will see a few notes such as above, from time to time!

My Greek Studio will close approximately the end of October 2004.

I will be returning to my San Francisco Studio by the end of November 2004. I will have the same email, as usual and all my artwork will be with me, taking the journey from Kamilari!!.

It is August 15, 2005 now and I am happy to say that our 40 foot container arrived in California and we are unpacked, finally! It is wonderful to be back in my U.S.A. studio, once again!

It is September, 2006 now and I am happy to say that our friends whom we met in Kamilari have been coming to visit us. We are very very happy about that.

September 2006:
My studio work is humming.
I have just finished a beautiful new pastel (framed size 35" x 46") and an oil painting(30" x 24") of a scene at a Greek Baptism from a 1992 Photograph. This artwork includes 4 figures and will be included in this website, in the near future.

You may ask for a photo of same, for viewing purposes. My Gallery area is divided into 4 sections:
Photographs, Paintings, Prints and Pastels.

Notes About my Art:

In the foto section you will see that the size of my original photographic prints vary.

Most of the sizes are mentioned when you click on the image to receive further information. Some of my prints, from my photographs, have a white border. In this case, the white border is included in the measurements. If there is a particular image which you admire, you may write me for the exact measurements and any other details which you would like about that specific work.

From many of my original photographs, paintings and pastels, I have also made unlimited edition prints using my own scanner or a color copy machine. These are what I call my machine prints.

When this is the case, upon opening my art image, it will say there is a print available.

Most prints are 8 1/2" x 11". My print prices are either 18 Euro, 30 Euro or 55 Euro.

You may consider my prints to be like a wonderful museum poster edition. They are good reproductions and are wonderful for gift-giving!

By the way,
All prices are in the detail section of each image. You can write for more info.

I ship 5 day courier from my Crete, Greece studio. After December 10, 2004, I will be shipping via courier from my San Francisco studio and for my European Collectors, I will pay one half of the shippings costs for orders outside the United States.