Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery Welcome to my Gallery

Welcome to my new website
and online catalogue.
I hope you enjoy it !

I am Joseph Mack Branchcomb, a painter and documentary photographer from the U.S.A., living now in a small village in Crete, Greece, with my wife, Toby Judith Klayman.

What you will find in the me section is more information about my life as an artist, including a few facts.

The notes section will include some ideas re my various media, general notes, links, news about my studio work, information about my prices and sizes of my work, and other comments.

If you want to contact me, order something, give me feedback, tell me something interesting, ask a question, please go to the contact section and fill in the form.

I will be happy to hear from you.

In the gallery sections, you are able to see a large selection of my work in the media of Photography, Painting, Pastel and Print.

The Prints are scan or machine prints from my original photographs, paintings or pastels. You will see also that I make Prints from details of my original works. Some of those (I call them Detail Prints) are also included in this catalogue and are offered for sale.

To my collectors, friends and family, I hope you enjoy what I have been doing since I have been living in Crete.

Webfabrika, I like so much your design and programming of this website! WOW!!


Thank you for visiting my website!
I truly hope you enjoy it!